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Since our inception in 1984, we have grown into a significant international trader of electrical and electronic products with a network spanning more than 60 countries in five regions around the world.

With well diversified and balanced international markets, we possess a very strong competitive edge.

We deal with a very wide range of electrical and electronic products which include:

  • audio-visual products such as televisions, video cassette recorders and players, video cameras, DVD and VCD players;
  • audio products such as radio cassette recorders, hi-fis, car stereos, batteries and accessories and professional audio products such as betacam and ulmatic catering to the broadcasting industry;
  • household appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners and washing machines; and
  • telecommunication products such as telephones and facsimile machines.

AKIRA - TT International's own brand

Since the AKIRA brand of consumer electronics was launched in 1994, sales of AKIRA have surged and AKIRA has been marketed in 60 countries.

AKIRA is a comprehensive range of our own consumer electronics brand with a full range of audio-visual products, household products and home appliances.

We believe AKIRA products have vast opportunities for growth. To introduce high-quality but yet competitively priced AKIRA products, we focus on product development and design, marketing and distribution and outsource the manufacturing to carefully selected, low-cost original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs"). This strategy enables us to better leverage on our core competencies, tap on the capabilities of the OEMs and, in the process, maximises our resources and returns.

We have also set up a central team in Singapore to oversee product development, quality control, after-sales service and advertising and promotion activities.


FY1994 - Registered as house brand

FY1999 - Launch of aggressive marketing

FY2000 - Sales expanded to 23 countries

FY2001 - Sales expanded to 31 countries

FY2002 - Set up AKIRA International Marketing Division
               - Set up spare parts & after-sales services team in Spore
               - Incorporated 6 overseas entities to distribute AKIRA products
               - Expanded QC team
               - Sales expanded to 43 countries

FY2003 - Participated in Singapore’s National Day Parade 2002 as official TV sponsor
               - Participated in Moscow Electronics Show 2002 - the largest trade show in Russia
               - Participated in 22nd Lagos Inter-national Trade Fair in Nigeria
               - Expanded and strengthened quality control and after-sales service teams
               - Strengthening of products development team
               - Set up on-line product resources, dealer support and warranty registration

AKIRA Sales (Financial Year ended March 31)

Strategy for AKIRA

  • AKIRA to be major growth driver
  • Leverage on our existing competitive strengths to further increase AKIRA’s market share

Localized assembly & ODM activities

TT is entering a new chapter in its growth through expansion into localized assembly and Original Design Manufacturing ("ODM") activities. This new business activity will complement the two core activities currently - distribution of branded goods and sale and distribution of its in-house brand, AKIRA and will allow TT to integrate and improve upon the two existing core businesses.

Warehousing and Logistics

We offer our customers third-party warehousing and logistics services, which include handling, sorting, storing and labelling of inventory, inventory and warehouse monitoring and management, cargo transportation between port and warehouse and preparation of all necessary trade and customs documentation and permits.

Our customers benefit from our experience in cost-efficient warehousing and logistics management. Our state-of-the-art facility offers an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) storage capacity of 14,500 pallet locations and storage space of 450,000 sq. ft and can load a 40-foot container by forklift five times faster than conventional methods.